Urban Planning


The urban planning development concept is prepared, based on a suitable selection process, and bindingly laid down. High Density allows for pedestrian mobility ("City of short distances"). Necessary measures are taken to mitigate the negative impact on the urban climate. The concept takes into account building volumes, their relative positions, and adaptation to local climate (sun, wind rain) (BEEP-Guidelines).

• Urban planning development concept
• Project selection process (urban planning)
• Urban climate (adaption to climate change)

Diversity of Use

The ORS analyses the existing and expected future spectrum of use and ensures a diverse mix of uses and users on the site. The mix is adapted to the surrounding residential areas and open spaces. As a result, a highly functional and interactional density is attained.

• Diversity of Use
• Diversity of Users
• Use of Ground Floors


Indoor & outdoor spaces for community use


The ORS ensures that sufficient public-oriented indoor and outdoor spaces are made available and used as meeting places. The para-public and public spaces ensure a high quality of stay and guarantee a lively site.

• Indoor/roof Spaces for Community Use
• Outdoor spaces: High quality of stay and recreation
• Outdoor space: Quality of greening (Adaptation to climate change)

Local Supply

On the site and in the immediate vicinity, there are offers for daily needs, oriented toward the user structure. Such offers enable the users to lead their individually chosen lifestyle with significantly lower resource consumption for mobility.

• Goods and services for daily needs


Smart Centrality Solutions


The owners' association deploys smart solutions on the site to ensure public safety and health.

• Tele-medicine and tele-education