Coaching and Capacity Building

  • Design, implement, and evaluation of the platform for stakeholder engagement and Capacity Building of Internal and external stakeholders.

Capacity Building of Local Government Administrations

  • Capacity building on 2000 Watt to the stakeholders is essential to explain the following instruments:
    • Localized 2000WSC targets
    • Implementation plan and methodology
    • Resource management for project implementation
    • Citizen engagement to estimate local needs for sustainable energy
    • Societal capacity to initiate behavioral changes in demand
  • The capacity building needs are to be estimated by the local government in consultation with the governing structure for 2000WSC and/or the project implementation agency.

Levels of Capacity Building


Designing a Capacity Building Program on 2000-Watts at the Local Level


Stakeholder Engagement Stages

There are the following possible Stages for Planning and Implementing a Stakeholder Engagement Process:


Stage1. Creation of a Design Platform

  • Understanding Project
  • Understanding the Scope
  • Mapping Stakeholders
  • Setting up the purpose

Stage2. Capacity Building

  • Capacity Building of Internal and External Stakeholders

Stage3. Implementation and Evaluation

  • Securing Leadership Commitment
  • Hierarchy of Engagement
  • Developing the methodology and roadmap for project implementation
  • Governance & Implementation