Regenerative food production (farm level)

Avoiding wastes on the farm (subscriptions)

Degree of local sourcing (20 km)

Sourcing system allows tracking of food

Regenerative food production (inputs)

Regenerative packaging and transport

Regenerative soil and water conservation

Food consumption in the township

Smart food consumption, processing, and recycling

Smart reconversion of wastes into new value and new products

Direct links with farmers and biodiversity within the city

Tech Centres

Urban Tech Centers (inside the township)

Suburban Tech Centers (in proximity to the township)

Research & Development and Education & Training

Research & Development (R&D)

Education & Training (E&T)

Smart Food Production and Tech Centres Solutions

Responsiveness to Community

Awareness and Training

Improves Decision Making

Encourage Production Activities

Project Design and Planning

Skill Development and Engagement